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Definitely a unique gift that has not gone unnoticed, the marketing and promotions skills of The

Malone Project can be seen around the nation. The idea to continue the family legacy in gospel

quartet was intended to keep the grandchildren of the late Deacon Henry Malone bonded to

their teachings and upbringing to be helpers to one another and go beyond all measures to

extend the gift God gave you.

Michigan born and Alabama raised, Founder and CEO Ericka Malone exemplifies no doubt in

what her grandfather taught her about ministry. Ty Ty, as he affectionately called her, “If you

put something in it, you will get something out of it”.

Born 1973 in Southfield, MI to Barbara Malone, God created the plan way back then that Ericka

would set the precedence in marketing and sharing ministries around the world. Hailing from the

Gulf Coast of Mobile, AL with a strong Christian foundation, Ericka experienced first hand the

passion and anointing in gospel music ministry.

When asked what inspires her, Ericka replied, gospel music. How could you not feel it. It’s the

foundation to our story. I guess it would be ok to say, accompanied with that unique quartet

style of praise, it’s been my refuge. Gospel music has carried us through the trauma of the

1930s, nurtured in the dramatic shifts of the 1940s and 50s, validated during the uncertainties of

the 1960s and 70s, and complicated amid the technological advances of the 1980s, 90s and

today, gospel music and those like my daddy, William J Rankin, that brace it with heartfelt

vocals has wonderfully articulated the hopes, fears, struggles, and joys of generations.

Ericka has afforded the opportunity to share in marketing and promotions with such ministries

as two time Stellar Award winner Yes Lord Radio and she served on the 2014 Executive Board

of Rhythm of Gospel as Director of PR.

The growing roster of artist and ministries being marketed by the Malone Project continues to

grow today, Ericka proudly shares the expertise and creativity of this awesome ministry by working collectively with other industry professionals.  The Malone Project has successfully managed social media campaigns, website design and content as well as

the branding of ministries that impact our gospel genre. Continuously networking and creating

platforms to elevate our quartet genre has served pivotal to the team’s growth.

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